Our Work


 Case Report 1:

Completely failed dentition



Healing after removal of all the teeth and placing implants


Final fixed bridges are fitted

 Case Report 2:

Complete failure of dentition with infected teeth 

 Healing after removal of all the teeth and placing implants.

Final fixed bridges

 Case Report 3:
Patient had been edentulous for few years.
After placing implants
Final fixed bridges are made
 Case Report 4: Before
After Implant placement 

 Case Report 5: 

Fractured tooth

 After Implant placement 


 Case Report 6:Before- Failed bridge
After placing the implants

Case Report 7:

Missing teeth with bone & tissue loss


Healing stage with two implants 

 4 teeth replaced using 2 implants



Case Report 8:

Dental infection associated with the failed bridge


Three implants are placed immediately following the teeth removals

A new bridge supported by three implants


 Case Report 9:

Multiple missing teeth on both side


Four implants are inserted

The bridges are supported by the implants

Final results


 Case Report 10:

Failed crowns and missing teeth


four anterior teeth replaced with two implants


 Case Report 11:

Fractured tooth

immediate replacement with implant


 Case Report 12:

Single tooth missing 


Replacement with implant


Case Report 13:

6 implants were placed


Bridges are placed in

Final result







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