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Miniature dental implants are innovated, developed and patented by Dr Omid Allan.

Miniature Implant system is a new implant system advacating for a minimally invasive treatment option, allowing implant placement in extremely deficient jawbones with no need for extensive and expensive bone augmentation procedures.

The Miniature Implant system is based on simplicity and easy use for clinicians to achieve maximum predictability and long-term success for their patients. The one-piece design of the implant eliminates the risk of microleakage between the implant and abutment components and reduces the potential for peri-implantitis.

Their one-piece form eliminates the chance of microleakage between implant and abutment components which can minimise the risk of bone loss around the implants in long term, meaning more stable and healthier tissue around implants.

Miniature implant is unlike the wider diameter conventional implants. Standard implants present diameters from 3.5 mm or more. Their insertion will require surgical procedures involving sequential extensive drilling of the bone. Although, in many cases the alveolar bone is very thin which may not allow placing standard implants unless additional bone grafting procedures are considered.

Miniature implants are self-advancing narrow implants which can be inserted in the bone using a minimally invasive technique which makes their insertion much less invasive and traumatic to the patient, avoiding extensive bone grafting and invasive surgical procedures. Patients will recover much faster, with less post-operative pain and swellings and lesser risk of surgical complications.


The Miniature implants can be placed with minimal or no bone drilling. 

The major difference of miniature implants in comparison to standard implants is their diameter and not the material.

Miniature implants are made in one-piece form unlike the standard implants. This feature erases any chance of microleakage between the implant and abutment which can minimise the risk of bone loss around the implants in long term, meaning healthier tissue around implants.

Mini Dental Implants have been used for multiple dental application. They have been mainly used to improve retention of complete dentures, replacing missing anterior teeth with fixed restorations and to assist with Orthodontic treatments. However, the new design allows their application for restoring multiple missing teeth and full arch rehabilitation.

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