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What is “All Teeth On Four Implants”?

The term All On 4 or Teeth On Four refer to “all” teeth in one jaw being supported “on four” dental implants. This is a surgical and prosthodontic procedure for total rehabilitation of the edentulous patients or for patients with badly broken-down teeth, decayed teeth or compromised teeth due to gum disease.

It consists of the rehabilitation of either edentulous ordentate maxilla and/or mandible with fixed prosthesis by placing minimum offour implants in the area of jaw where bone density is higher.The four implants support a fixed prosthesis with 12 to 14 teeth and can be placed immediately, typically within 24-48 hours of surgery.

However, immediate loading requires criteria which may not be possible in everypatient. The dentist will make the final decision for immediately loading the implants after placing the implants.

The technique of All on four implants evolved in an attempt to avoid certain anatomical limitations typically seen in the back of the upper and lower jaws. This technique successfully avoided bone-deficient areas with the use of angulatedimplants.


Dental implants are traditionally placed in the vertical position, but anatomical limitations are more prevalent in patients with full dentures, and once the back implants are placed at an angle there is often only enough room left for two moreimplants in the front.

This has led to the use of only four fixtures to support a full set of teeth which can reduce the cost to the patient.

Although, all on 4 treatment can help many edentulous patients but is not the only option for many patients with existing remaining teeth. A thorough assessment of theclinical and radiographic information will be performed prior to recommending atreatment plan.

All On 4

Bridge Options:

Restorations for the Teeth On 4 treatments will be provided with the highest standards available. Our partner Lab is “Nexus iOS” which offers a state of art digital facility providing unique products to the Implant dentists worldwide.


We offer three restorative options which are made of different compositions. The choice of restorative options depends on several factors which your dentist can assist you with their selection.


The total cost of your treatment will be based on your choice of restorative material and can vary from $16000 to $34,000 per jaw.

acrylic bridge

This type of restoration is usually fitted on the implants within 24-48 hours after placing the implants. If the implants can’t be loaded, a provisional removable denture can be provided instead. 

Basic Acrylic Bridge:

Metal Reinforced Acrylic Bridge

Titanium Reinforced Acrylic Bridge
(Nexus Plus):

This type of restoration takes more time for fabrication and processing. It provides high strength, rigidity, and better hygiene maintenance with the highly polished metal surface in contact with the gums. The bridge is a high-quality product for an affordable fee.


The acrylic overlay can wear, chip or fracture in long term but it can often be repaired by your dentist and may not require remaking. Although, there are situations that may require remaking the prosthesis.


This type of restoration is not recommended for young patients and patients with bruxism, grinding or clenching conditions. They are also not the best options to oppose natural dentition or ceramic restorations.

Metal Reinforced Zirconia Bridge

Reinforced Zirconia Bridge (Ceramic):

Zirconia bridges provide the highest strength, top aesthetics, and great hygiene due to the material’s Biocompatibility and mechanical properties. This type of restoration is usually reinforced with a metal bar to support the ceramic overlay which is prone to fracture for long bridges due to long term fatigue of the material. However, it can perform very well for short bridgeworks.


The zirconium overlay is veneered with porcelain to provide more texture and aesthetics. The restoration performs well for patients who expect high aesthetics or present teeth grinding, bruxism or clenching. The Ceramic Implant Bridge is considered as a permanent solution meaning that with regular check-up visits and regular maintenance this solution is designed to last for lifetime. Although, Zirconia bridges offer the highest strength but some patients with severe bruxism can fracture them too.

Treatment Stages

The treatment usually includes the following stages but can vary for each patient.

Free First Consultation (1).png
Terms and conditions:

Prices are subject to change in the future. Prices are intended as a guide only and do not include any necessary pre-surgical interventions (e.g. extractions, bone grafts, sinus lifting, temporary dentures, and any other additional dental treatment). After an initial consultation and treatment planning you will receive an individual quote to address your needs. Please note that dental implants are not suitable for all patients. You are required to provide your detailed medical history. The results of individual treatments may vary. We may refuse offering treatment for unsuitable patients, medically compromised patients and heavy smokers. Any surgical procedure carries risks which also may depend on your general health. Dental implants may fail due to variety of reasons. If you fail an implant during the healing stage, it may be replaced at no cost to you. Long term success of implants depends on your general health, maintenance, and regular dental visits. If you fail an implant because for medical reasons, failure to attend your regular 6 monthly check-up visits or poor hygiene, the warranty will be voided. Free First Consultation A thorough assessment of your dental status and discussing treatment options. Diagnostic Visit Photographs, diagnostic 3D scanning.

Cone Beam CT scans and X-Rays. Surgery Placing the implants and other extra procedures or teeth extractions which may be required.

This can be performed under IV sedation. One or two days after the surgery Fitting the temporary acrylic bridge or temporary denture. Final Restorative stage It may require few appointments for taking scans or impressions, teeth try in and final fitting of the bridge. Free Review A free review after 3-4 months. Before proceeding you are recommended to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


Warranty condition:

Limited warranty applies dental implant reconstructions:

6 months warranty on the Basic Acrylic bridges.

One year warranty on the Reinforced Acrylic bridge.

Two years warranty on the Zirconia bridge.


Warranty is only valid if patient returns for the 6 months check-up visits at our Symplants clinics. Failures to attend regular dental check-ups, will terminate the warranty terms.

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